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Dirty Trick. In this world you must trust nobody (except on your Minami 10). Spanish only
From Durango a Portland. Happenings at a Road - Adventure of Sex and Violence. Spanish only
Operation Cybercorp. A corporation tries to bring discredit on another, but its subterfuges comes upon the PCs. Will they discover the truth? Spanish Only Winner on I Scenarios Contest of A.M.G. club

Chart. With check squares, space for modificators and improvement points, and more space for weapons and equipment. Spanish only.
Hospitals. Modificators to costs for medical attention depending on what kind of location you are in. Spanish Only
Paying Types. Pay your characters in drugs, shares or gold, not always in money! (2-15-01)
Meetings on the Road. Traveling by road from city to city might not be easy. (2-15-01)

Car Workshop. Make your own cars. (2-15-01)

Motorcycle Zone. Make your own superbikes.

Home Rules
Penetration. Why do you want a machine gun if your enemy is armoured? With this rules it is easier to penetrate armour.

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