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  • Into accounts: they transfer your money to the accorded account. Transferring costs are paid by the employer (1%).
  • In bonds or shares: they give you bonds or shares from the company you choose. Its value will have changed 2D20% when you want to recover the money (50% posibilities that the price changed upwards or downwards),
  • In gold, plate, etc.: similar to bonds and shares, but it is more stable. They don't give you your 300 kilos of gold, instead you get a receipt for it. Its price will have changed 1D10% when you want to recover the money (50% posibilities of loosing money).
  • Drugs: similar to gold, but when you accorded 300 kilos, you will have a van full of drug which you will have to sell to recover your money. For big cuantities (more than 5 kilos), if you sell it in small pieces, you will get 1D50% more money (but it is more dangerous and slower to get your money). If there are 5 kilos or less, you can get 1D10% more money than its real value if you sell it in small pieces.
  • Ciberimplants / gear: you will have the pieces of cyberwear you choosed, but you have to sell it to get your money. In small pieces, you get 1D10% for each level of success (or -1D10% per failure). Illegal gear give +1D20% money.
  • Cash: very little people use it, even in black market. Getting paid in cash means that you would have a case full of euros, black money that you would have to whiten before buying anything worth over 500 eb. Whitening means that you would have to put it into an account with nobody asking about it. The most effective way to get rid of it is to contact a fixer and/or technicians: for each euro you give to them, they would pay 0.75 eb. back to you, but it depends on their whitening system quality (see below1). They would give it back to you inside a card (that has been stolen, manipulated, etc.: as in the movie "Nirvana"), that you could use always without being asked (at least until it fails).  
    1 In a month, a fixer could get rid of 5,000 eb to 50,000 eb., depending on his Streetdeal level; if you give to him more than that, he will give you less money in change, because he won't be able to get rid of it until next month, losing money.


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