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This program allows you to make your own cars and vans as you like it, following Maximum Metal rules.


Choose car or van and introduce its structure value (SDP).
  NOTE: it is choosen SDP 50 by default.
Continue choosing your options.
  NOTE: If the program doesn't work, try downloading the page to your own computer.

SDP Initial Spaces:
Initial Cargo: Kg. Initial Mass: Kg.
Initial Cost: eb.
Add ons
Better Maximum Speed: Lower Maximum Speed:
Greater Acceleration: Better Decelation
Better Handling: Better Structure:
Better Autonomy: Lesser Autonomy:
Greater Cargo:
Default options doesn't cost money.

Basic Options
Worse Structure Cybernetic Link 4x4
Driver included: Spaces for the crew:
Passenger nº1 Passenger nº2 Passenger nº3 Passenger nº4
Passenger nº5 Passenger nº6 Passenger nº7 Pasajero nº8

Other Options
Damage Control Enviromental Control Fire Extinguisher (automatical)
Anfibious Minibar Mini-stove
Aerosol Anti-laser Bengal lights Chaff
Smoke Generator Smoke Launchers Grenade Belt
AGAMS AEAMS Codificator
Laser Comunicator Satellite Link Radio
Better Range Radio Military Radio Telephone
Image Amplifier Light Intensifier Laser Detector
Radar Detector Military Radar Detector Magnetometrus
Telescopical Optics Automatical Driver Thermical Detector
Radar Military Radar Radar Option: Low Coat (Military)
Radar Option: IFF Identif. (Militar) Radar Option: Terrain Follower Reflector
Halogen Lights Microwave Sensor Infrared Sensor (Pasive)
Infrared Sensor (Active) Sonic Sensors Entertainment System
Navegation System (Military) Simple Security System Electrical Security System
Fencer Security System
Crash Control Systems
For Driver Passenger nº1 Passenger nº2
Passenger nº3 Passenger nº4 Passenger nº5
Passenger nº6 Passenger nº7 Passenger nº8
Chromebook 3 Options
Civil Navegation System Anti-bullet Glass (side 1) Anti-bullet Glass (side 2)
Anti-bullet Glass (side 3) Anti-bullet Glass (side 4) Mini-computer
Crane System Videocamera Parachute
Speaker Battering Ram Gas Spectrometer
Radiation Detector Signaling /Tracing System
Option Spaces: Options Cost:

SDP: Free Spaces:
Maximum Speed: Km/h Acel/Decel: /
Handling: + Autonomy: Km.
Cargo: Kg. Crew: Kg.
Mass: Kg.    
    Final Cost: eb.
Discount: %   - eb.
  Final Price: eb.


1.- There ain't all the options (What do you want a car with ECCM System for?).
2.- The price for cybernetic control has been calculated as 40% from Basic SDP Cost, not from Total Cost as I understand from the MM (too expensive).
3.- I use to make 25% discount to the final price (I think that original prices are excesive).
4.- I'm not a Java genius (in fact, it is my first program in Java, and I learn it looking at the source code of other program), so I admit sugerencies.
5.- I don't like to admit this but... this is better viewed with Internet Explorer.
6.- I'm spanish, and I have MM book in spanish, so most options I have to translate it directly from spanish. It is probably that they have different names in the original english book. Please let me know.

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