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 Here it is a table that stats some of the meetings your players could have when traveling by road from one city to another. From police controls to sexual provocations, everything is posible.

Police Control
2 cars and 2 vans have set a control. They have weapons and armor, and a spiked-chain crossing the road. They will make an inspection (documentation, weapons, ilegal stuff in general, etc.)
Nomad Toll
Some kind similar to previous one, but they only want a 1D100 eb. tax per vehicle. If you're riding a motorcycle the tax is 50%. You won't be able to haggle over, but perhaps you could get in good mood with them (Persuasion & Fast Talk Diff 20) and they will let your go without paying. If you don't have money, you must pay in objects.
Nomad Caravan
A 25 or more vehicled caravan. 50% of posibilities that they are going in your same way. If they're going in the opposite direction, it would be very difficult to pass anybody. If they're going in your same direction, passing somebody has a +10 Diff modifier. Anyway, you can join the group and travel at 120 Km/h like them.
Truck Caravan
A group of truck drivers who had met in a restorant have decided to make the journey together to protect one to each other, making an enormous impossible-to-pass (+20 Diff) caravan. It is impossible to pass because they don't let you: if you try it, you won't be able to return to your side until you pass everybody (they get very near one to another). They travel at 160 Km/h. There are 50% posibilities they do it in your way.
Caravan (entering a city)
Tipical obstruction. You move at 3 Km per hour or less. Cab-cycles and motorcycles progress easily.
Hidden Police
A hidden police car (or AV) starts to chase you with their lights and sirens on: you was going too fast, your plate is dirty, you was going so slow you seemed suspicious, etc. (they get paid depending on the fines they put, so...)
Pirates (I)
Similar to Nomad Toll, but in this case they steal everything from you except your clothes (if they didn't like your boats or jacket) and let your there in the middle of nowhere. If there is an attractive PC in the group they will rape him/her. If you anger them they will rape you after or before killing you, and sell your body.
Pirates (II)
2 or more cars and motorcycles start to hunt you. If they get you they will make the same as previous case, and if they pursuit takes too long (or you killed somebody) they will mutile or kill you.
Women (I)
Some prettyful women (or men) (same number as PCs) from a close nomad family go to the city on a spree. They pass you getting at your side and making sexual incitements. You will scort them to avoid they get lost, won't you? (you get entertained 1d20+1 hours).
Women (II)
Some prettyful women (or men) (same number as PCs) make you signals to stop. Their car is broken. They retain you 1D100+20 min., Basic Mechanics roll included.
There is an obstruction on the road because of an accident (you delay 1d4 hours).
Pirates Victims
A man or woman in underwear (or naked) makes you signals to stop. A group of pirates have attacked and stolen them. Women probably have been raped.
Bodies on the Road
There are some bodies laid across the road. They have shots, stabs, etc. but nothing valuable. They have been attacked by pirates.
There are 1 or more cars spoiling smoke and obstructing the road. They have suffered an accident. There are 50% posibilities of finding somebody still alive among the steel (1-3 serious wound, 4-6 critical wound, 7-10 mortal wound). To get him out from the vehicle you need a Basic Mechanics or Strong Feat Diff 20 roll (getting modifiers because of having the right equipment). Each turn, there is an acumulative 10% that any vehicle explodes (6d10 damage points, -1d10 per each 2 meters away).
Pirates (III)
A pirates group have managed to stop a car, and they are stealing and raping its owners. If nobody stops them, they will kill their victims.
Nuked Road. Signaled
Some signals adverts you from "Nuclear Hazard in 20 Km.". If you don't have a sealed vehicle, you better surround it. It's master choice if the signal is true or a "joke" from the pirates to ambush them in a best location. The same for "Quimical/ Biological Hazard".
Nuked Road. Not Signaled.
A nuke waste transport crashed. Radiation extends 5 Km. away at least. If you don't have radiation detectors you won't get informed until you see the broken transport. Effects:  

1 - Unshielded electronics totally crashed. Sensors get blinded for 2D6 turns and will work with a -10 modifier for 5D10 turns after. 1D3 MU deleted. 

2 - Ocular and dermal irritation. 1D10 damage points from burn effect of radiation. +1D6 damage points for every 10 minutes you stay in the area. If you don't get special medical attention you will get 1D6 damage points per day during the next week.

Because of the hot (at least 35 ºC), your vehicle overheats. You will have to stop (1d4 hours) or your engine will explode. If you don't have water, you will have to make salvation rolls because of dehydratation (1d6 damage points). If you get out from the vehicle, you take 1d6 damage points because of sunlight per hour (protection creams are a good choice).
Acid Rain
It's raining acid. If you have to get out from your car without protection (good clothes, leather, umbrella, etc. -take care of your hands and head-), you'll take 1d10 damage points per minute. Your clothes will get damaged. At the end of the journey you ought to have a look at your tyres, windshield wipers and other plastics.
Nothing happens. You're lucky guy!
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